Business valuation is essential in sell, merge, divest or acquisition transactions. Even in case of selling or buying interest in business or admitting a new investor, it is imperative to value the worth of your business.

Although many business owners have a vague idea of what their companies are worth, most are merely guessing – and over time, such guesswork can prove costly. In the worst case, not knowing fair market value could cause owners to sell their businesses for less than their actual market value.


Over the years, Dar Alnuzum has carried out business valuations for numerous clients within UAE, ranging from small business to multinational firms. Our expertise in planning and sound strategic approach make us the first choice for all types of companies when they want to learn the true market value of their business.

Business valuation can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us help you with valuation so that you can work seamlessly through all phases of your business. Get in touch with for a quote or to find out more.